Our Agency

Cox Insurance Services was established in 1989 is a leading Business Insurance Agency.

We offer personalized service & customized personal or business insurance solutions.

Our Agency has been awarded numerous awards and designations, including “Agency of the Year”, “Toppers Club”, “Championship Agent” and “Commercial Elite Agency.”

Our expertise in the Insurance marketplace is only one of the factors setting Cox Insurance Services apart from our competitors. If you value hard work, resourcefulness, professionalism, and superior customer service, you have found your Insurance Agency.
We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Key Contacts:

Service Request Email | service@coxinsurance.net

Autumn Hawk, Commercial Sales Manager - 480.907.6000 ext 110 | autumn.hawk@coxinsurance.net

Tracy Scott, Commercial Sales Manager - 480.907.6000 ext 109 |  tracy.scott@coxinsurance.net

Allie Cox, Office Manager/Agent - 480.907.6000 ext 104 | allie.cox@coxinsurance.net

Jaiden Taylor, Customer Service - 480.907.6000 ext 101 | jaiden.taylor@coxinsurance.net

Suzie Rees, Account Executive - 480.907.6000 ext 107 | suzie.rees@coxinsurance.net

Logan Roberts, Agent - 480.907.6000 ext 105 | logan.roberts@coxinsurance.net

Andrew Kraft, Agent - 480.907.6000 ext 103 | andrew.kraft@coxinsurance.net

Wally Cox, Principal - 480.907.6000 | wcox@coxinsurance.net

Certificate of Insurance Request | certificate@coxinsurance.net